Hatay Kunefe - fresh hand-churned cheese, shredded fillo, Rare Hawaiian honey, syrup, Turkish pistachio     12 


Authentic Baklava – traditional filo, Turkish pistachios, Rare Hawaiian honey, syrup, cream fresh dondurma    9   


Chocolate Rose Dondurma – Valrhona dark chocolate, rose pedals & water, walnut    9   


Hibiscus Lychee Sherbet – wild hibiscus, fresh lychee, dried hibiscus flower   9   

Turkish Delight - 2 pieces of rose water delights from the Narnia's Wardrobe  3



Turkish Kahve with Cardamom with Turkish Delight- say sekerli for with sugar / say sade for no sugar    6



Organic Hibiscus and Lychee Iced-Tea -    5


Turkish Rize Lavender Honey Iced-Tea     5


San Pellegrino Mineral Water     6


Cola (Healthy alternative to Coca Cola)     5




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